Support for family caregivers

Family caregiver burnout is a key concern. It’s difficult to find time to support an elderly parent while juggling work, your own family, and your many other responsibilities. All of that is stressful on its own, and that doesn’t even touch the emotions of the situation.

Perhaps these sound familiar:

  • Distress and guilt that you aren’t doing enough
  • Sadness about what’s happening to your relative
  • Frustration that they don’t even recognize a problem
  • Resentment that your siblings are not sharing equally in the care

You don’t have to do this alone!

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Relieving family caregiver stress

As Aging Life Care™ Managers, we have worked with hundreds of families and have a deep understanding of the pressures you face. With our support and guidance, you can rest assured that your loved one is in knowledgeable hands and that you will be kept informed as things change over time. You have an experienced partner in care.

We can help relieve family caregiver stress with

  • information about your loved one’s condition
  • recommendations to community services that provide the best senior help
  • a care plan for everyone’s peace of mind
  • family meetings to address eldercare issues and find common ground
  • consults to strategize about difficult behaviors
  • respite care to give stressed caregivers a break
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Caring for aging parents long distance?

This is perhaps the most difficult, because you aren’t there to enjoy the good times and you only hear about problems. It’s easy for the imagination to take over, leaving you anxious and feeling guilty. Let us solve some of that.

  • We know the local resources.
  • We can check in periodically.
  • We provide the logistical support so you can provide the emotional support only a family member can give.

Technology to keep you connected
Need help with Zoom or Skype meetings? We can provide that assistance. In addition, our care management software is specially designed so you can stay easily updated with what is happening with your loved one and their care. It includes calendars for appointments and a place where we write up our notes about recent visits. You decide who in the family can have access. This is just one of many ways we are specially tuned to support families caring for aging parents long distance.

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Veterans and other benefits

There are many services available in the community—free or low cost—that can help with care needs so you can focus on things only family members can provide. Perhaps your loved one is eligible for veteran’s benefits. Or maybe they qualify for home-delivered meals or medication assistance. Draw upon our many years of experience in New Haven, Middlesex, Hartford and Litchfield Counties to save you time and energy with referrals to local senior help programs.

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