Staying safely at home

There’s no place like home! Your loved one wants to stay in the place where they are most comfortable. They know where everything is. They have cherished memories there. And in the past, at least, they have managed to establish routines to get to the grocery store, doctor, pharmacy, etc. These are not benefits to throw away lightly.

But you may be worried it’s no longer safe for them to remain there without assistance. You could very well be right.

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Assessment and care plan

With a thorough assessment, we can evaluate your loved one’s strengths and the areas where they need help. Perhaps they have visual impairments or difficulty with balance and walking. We can make suggestions about small changes to help with fall prevention. Maybe they are in the beginning stages of Alzheimer’s. We can help set up bill paying services and teach you strategies for dealing with common issues. If they are further along in their dementia, we can talk about ways to minimize wandering and how to make sure a spouse gets respite.


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Aging in place

With over 18 years of experience working in the greater Hamden area, we know the best home care assistance companies. Sometimes the regular support of a caregiver to help with meals, laundry, and companionship is all that’s needed to make it safe to age in place. We can match you with local companies that hire reliable and caring staff that have been background checked and drug tested.

If your loved one is a veteran, we can help you secure any Aid and Attendance benefits they have coming as a result of their service to our country.


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On-going support

Key to safely aging in place is having the support elders need to get to the doctor and follow physician recommendations. With our strong medical background, we can accompany them to visits and then put systems in place to support them with their treatments. We can also provide a watchful eye to let you know about problems brewing and do what is needed to prevent a crisis.

If your parents would like to age in place, give us a call at 203-706-7125.

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