Medical advocacy

Are you frustrated dealing with a medical system that is confusing and disjointed? Overwhelmed by the bureaucracy? Tired of having them focus on the disease and lose sight of your relative as a person?

You are not alone!

Doctors mean well, but the size of the system and the division into specialties can result in care that forgets the patient is a whole person with goals and desires, a family, a lifetime of experiences. We can put the humanity back into the decision making.

  • Are you facing a hospital discharge and needing to find the best skilled nursing facility?
  • Does your loved one have a complicated medical history and need to juggle multiple doctors and treatment regimens?
  • Do you feel your concerns are adequately addressed, or are you just rushed through the system?

We can provide the medical advocacy you need to make a care plan that addresses the unique needs of your loved one and family situation.

Our founder spent the early part of her career working as a registered nurse in an Intensive Care Unit. She has a deep understanding of the medical system and the human body. She knows the key questions to ask and when to request a second opinion. She can make sure you get specific answers to your questions.

Because she will understand your loved one’s values, history, and priorities, her advice concerning treatment decisions will be focused on making sure your relative can stay as active and independent as possible. We take the whole person into account: Body, mind, heart, and spirit. Life is about living and finding fulfillment, not just surviving. We make quality of life and retaining that joy central to our work while supporting you in the medical system.

Is your loved one a veteran? We have many years of experience working with the VA. We put our network of contacts within the system to work for you so your relative gets maximum use of the benefits they have earned.

If you would like help communicating with doctors and ensuring treatments that enable your loved one to live the fullest life possible, give us a call at 203-706-7125.